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Agora Butrint
sazan cave
Albania Sazan Island
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Gjipe dhermi

Most important part of our organisation includes not loosing your time even a slightest part of it. Doesn’t matter if we only have 3 days, 5 or 15 according to the package you choose, we will do everything to take the best out of it. Actually our organisation has started long time before, since our mailing together revealed us all your desires about this trip.Weither you come by airport from Tirana or from ferry Corfu-Saranda, a V.I.P car service guide is waiting for you, opens the door and welcomes to the journey.


1-ST DAY: Once on board, we will not take more than few minutes showing some simple rules, that has also being explaind to you before in your charter agreement and you can also find it written in boat walls.
Time to say goodbye to the land. We don’t want to see it for sometime. We will get lost on the sea, and find ourselves again, this time on an Island called Sazan, a secret hidden Island for a half century, which was made accesible to tourists just a year ago.

So when you enter the island you will be amased not only by its green, pure water and solitary bays, underwater caves but also by its so many ruins, long tunnels and misterious history. Welcome and enjoy Sazan Island, once also called ”The Russia’s secret Gibraltar”.

2ND DAY: The second day we will visit Dhërmi, Himarë and Porto Palermo Castle. But there is a tiny solitary bay between Dhermi and Himare absolutely beautiful, once with a very difficult roud to follow, but not anymore. Two hours walking or hiking cautonly a dangerous road to reach the virgin Gjipe and with the only option to pass the night by camping, now is substituted by a comfortable travel and luxury wooden boat house.

Same day we will enjoy Porto Palermo Castle view. Although its missing plague has turn to misterious its real date of build, it is thought to be Venetian because of the building typology and the old type of canion fire.

3TH DAY: Krorëz Kakome
Krorëz is another virgin bay only reachable by seaway, since we are continuing to keep our promise of exploring all those solitary bays just for us during this journey. Waters of Krorëz and Kakome are told to be not only pure and amasing colours but also curative for the body and skin. Kakome is the bay right next to Krorëz, once a military zone that you can easily prove by its bunkers all over the place,  with mountains 800m which made this place objective of a bilion dollar project for elite marina and big resorts. However the villigers of the zone, in love with this beauty made a big protest to keep it untouched and wild. In this village entrance is not allowed, so the only way to visit Kakome is by boat.

4TH DAY: Ksamil, Butrint
4th day we will visit Ksamil Islands, Ali Paşa castle and Butrint.Ksamil and Butrint are two most popular bays of Saranda, protected by UNESCO. We will visit with boat not the crowded bay but its three small islands which are nearly with each-other just by swimming. Ali Paşa castle is the second destination for the day, which was also build in an Island. Ali Paşa was one of most famous commander of Saranda in ottoman times. He was a big general in ottoman times that kept the city autonom for a long time. He faked his death twice and for this reason when he was finally killed they buried his head and body appart to make sure he was really dead. Legends say that in this castle he hided a lot of gold and he used to take his women there, pass the night with them and kill them after telling where the gold was.

Afterwards we will visit Butrint National Park.
The ancient city of Butrint is one of the most fascinating places that you can find in this country. You can testimony the history of this city since the first settlement until nowdays by watching its ruins and visiting its museum.
A forest surrounds the ruins and the ruins surround a lagoon, what makes no surprise why it was the place of Ciceron during his writting about Julius Ceasar.

5TH DAY: Start the day by leaving bed up and jumping overboard for a swim for a decent wake up.While you eyes get wide open to understand where we are, you are already swimming in the last virgin bay of Saranda, called ”Gjiri i Ftelias”, which is on border with Greece. We will have breakfast with this amasing view and enjoy this last bay as much as we can. After midday we go back to our parking place to Saranda city. Our parking is right to most famous walking roud of Saranda.

There is a lot of interesting place to visit in this small touristic city. The day is free and you can choose which places you want to visit while we will provide you a city map and give a lot of sugestions about places. Some must do in Saranda are trying the local sea food which is also their speciality and cheaper than all Europe, visiting the Lëkursi old castle for a different view of all Saranda and artizanal shopping. Nighttime there are a lot of night club you can visit or live music, movies, different concerts or simply one more barbeque at the yacht. We will pass this last night together under the sounds of waves and the tinkering of wine glasses.

İT İS ALSO POSSİBLE TO MAKE CHARTER ONLY 3 DAYS FROM SARANDA (destinations starting from 3-th day to 5th day).

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