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Asos village, Cephalonia
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1st day: We start our travel from Saranda in nighttime so we can enjoy Corfu starting from this night, so that than the breathtaking elegance and glamour of this town will be openning our eyes for next morning. You can either comodly sleep during the travel or lay in the absolute comfortable sunbeds and sofa to enjoy the navigation at nighttime, under infinite stars of black sky, looking more dense while we leave the city lights, within the view of our 24m mest that seems like an arrow to the moon. This road may vary from 1-2h depending on the wind.

2nd day: We will visit what are considered to be most phenomenal greek Islands: Paxos and Antipaxos. We will release ourselves in these nature-designed wild beauties, seeking for Paxi caves not only by swimming but also by boat, favorised from some of their huge sizes. A bunch of wild flowers, roses and orchides will be our crown of the day, for daring to enter to such a goddess territory like Antipaxos, without loosing our minds.

3th day: Time to visit Lefkada or called differently ”The Greek Caribbean”, most famous Island about its natural richness, impressive landscapes and exotic waters. Among main treasures of this island are Nydri Waterfalls, many picture-perfect shores, some windy sailing areas, what makes this island very valued point of exploration.

4th day: The calm waves of the sea are leading us to the calm waters of the blessed Vasiliki. No wander why they called this place after basil, a herbal used for blessinng the water that greek people traditionally grow at their houses. This village is not a place for entertanment and noisy load music but just deep serenity of a village feel is what it offers. This is also a favourite place for caretta caretta, the nestling turtle and it is so common to see it over there. Vasiliki also gives a good sailing wind at afternoons.

5th day: This day will find us ”running” to Ithaka on the sound of its poetry, while the only death from this run will come to our daily life stress and negative energy and the message of this real life poetry paper will be total refreshement and freedom. We will visit Frikes and Vathy, two must see villages of Ithaka Island; Frikes for its traditional welcoming windmills, life music, tiny white houses and the pleasing Vathy, capital of Ithaka, important center of Culture. Differently from Odissey, we will not finish our journey here although having found the same peace.

6th day: We continue our wandering in an empty beach in the middle of a forest, Sami and Antisamos. Weither is part of history or mythology the Corelli’s crew staying there, you will feel like hearing Captain Mandolin’s boat sailing nearly and feel the love of the beautiful Pelagia. This apassionate story will give more shine to your staying day there and more meaning to your glass of wine on the late hours.

7th day: This day will find us in Zakinthos, the king Island of green, lush, multifruit and colorful wild flowers. We will visit Navagio beach only reachable by seaway. Nestling turtle caretta caretta is also to be seen in this place because of Zakinthos soft breeding sand. Time to visit undersea life diversity of its nearly bay Arthemisos.

8th day: Mountainous and forest surrended Argostolion, house of traditional architecture with a welcoming 650m bridge (Dropano Bridge) is the capital of Kefalonia, as well as our destination for the day. Argostoli’s library hosts 50.000 books and manuscript which are so old and rare. There is also one of most fascinating theatres in Greece, Kefalo Theatre. Same path will send us to Asos roads, another stop of the day, covered by green, olive groves, old churches and small picture-perfect houses.

9th day: Feel king and queen of the boat with our high standard service while your imagination sails to Cleopatra and Anthony epoch, dream about beauty, love and war in time of Emperiors. We are at Preveza, the town where they lost their battle, the town of Augustus and Justinian, the craddle of a humanity culture, a futuristic land of civilization.

Afterwards we couldn’t leave unseen the marvels of Parga. This estetic of Parga, so charming and elegant like a goddess design, will blow our mind away with its green nature, small symetric and colourful houses, tiny walking stony roads, azure waters and enourmous rocks.

10th day: Old clock of old town Corfu goes ahead, while our compass lead us back to Corfu. We would gladly enjoy one more day of wandering of this glamourous town.
Time to say goodbye. Finally we go back to Saranda, but only after making sure we are leaving another version of you, relaxed, refreshed, motivated, with more stories to tell and more remarkable memories to never forget.

  • *Saranda (only half hour from Corfu airport, we make transfer service on request)


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