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We organize daily trips, starting from 10:00 at morning and coming back at 6-7 pm. We visit 4 virgin bays in one day, which are nearly to each-other and we organise diferent activities during the day. As a welcome you can enjoy our coffee, tea and sweets, as well as watersports meanwhile we prepare the lunch, which is an open bufe with plenty of different dishes and unlimited soft drinks. We open stereo music during one hour but it can be more or less hours depending on the group request. We give one more coffee-tea-sweets time when we are coming back, meanwhile we open the sail and enjoy relaxed the end of the day. You can also rent the whole daily yacht for a trip during the day or for a party at nights. İf you want a more private trip or party, you can also rent our luxury charter yacht for a day or half day, as well as during the night for a certain number of people, like Ece Arina, Felton, jahti sportiv Sailing Yacht for a small number of people, or contact us for different options.

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