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After being welcomed by our guide and V.I.P. service from ferry or aerport, we will start our travel at 02.00 p.m. from Saranda on the way to Corfu which is 1h navigation or 3h of sailing. First minutes of coming (recommanded 13.30) we will have a short presentation with the crew and with our simple rules which you as easily read at the boat’s walls as well.
After preparing your coffee, we leave the rops and you can enjoy the navigation with our luxury boat or luckily the sailing which is quite likely in Saranda because of its windy character at afternoons.

On the way to Corfu, we will provide you a list of sugestions of how to enjoy this city according to your interests. Corfu is a charming old town which has a lot to offer to its visitors, being known for its fascinating history and classy venetian style, as well as active nightlife, endless sightseeing, traditional greek tavernas, different sports, ect.
Day time we visit Corfu bay for a swim, Kalami bay, and after midday we come back to Marina, for a town wandering. The third day we enjoy breakfast within a beautiful view and serenity of the waves, we start coming back to Saranda or dropp you off in Corfu aerport, according to your preference.


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