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1st day:We leave Saranda and start our visit to the ideal green seaside town, Corfu, with its unique atmosphere and picturesque view for being such an old city filled with ruins and amasing fortresses. First we will be parking at its delightful harbour for a city walk and we are going to choose which one of its charms will be our enterteinmant for the day, while its offers are countless.

Some of these inmense attractions we will visit are two bays near town, the quiet Kalami, ideal for couple’s romantic time and for people searching for calm places and the friendly vivid village of S. Stefanos, greenery surrounded.

2nd day: After arriving to Paxos next morning, we will pass two days in this earthly Paradise of Greek Islands, as there is a lot of to be discovored in its diversity, from the tranquillity of eastern coastlines to the innumerous caves, arches and huge rocks of the west. We will loose ourselves in its transparent turquoise waters. Loggos and Lakka are our two nearly destinations and around them we will visit bays like Marmaris, Kipos, Kipiadi only reachable by seaway. We will pass the night in Paxos capital, Gaio which has the only nightclub in Island.

3th day: Paxi Caves. As I mention before, Paxos adventurious exploration is not finished. The lovely blue caves, which have taken their name from their vivid blue colours, are waiting to be visited, as plenty of them are big enough to enter by boat. This place fulfilled with caves all over the bays, it’s perfect also for couple or family snorkling experience.

4th day: Headed up to Antipaxos, the smallest of the Ionian Island, so quiet place that you can only hear the sound of the waves, reminding you to leave yourself be part of the nature and accept it as part of you. Orchides will be part of your footstep, will follow your walk with plenty other will roses while vineyards will be your background. Yes, this is real in Greece, the country of so many myths, so many nimfs, would definitily have such reasons for such inspirational beliefs.

Its arcadian beach Voutomi will make possible your eyes and body complete relaxation, while you enjoy the greek ouzo from the boat.

5th day: On the way to the next town that seems like an artist’s perfect design to enjoy that sensacion of Parga’s estetic soul. Dazzling marina, colourfull sympathetic buildings, remarkable lively city, while walking on those small stony walking roads. Parga splendid sea with crystal water and labyrinthines is not to be missed.

6th day: Syvota
What gives Syvota an exotic reputation is its multicoloured waters mostly emphasysing blue and green. If you would like to be in a place where you can touch all nature colours at once and sail to coves and shores which are yet to be discovored, we offer you Syvota.

7th day: Again Corfu.Ofcourse this splendid town couldn’t be enough explored in one day. We will be again to Corfu the last day, to do what we regret not doing the first day. First we will feed more our souls with its classy view and enchanting atmosphere. One more Corfu walk for refreshement and over night Corfu with boat to make unforgetable our last night together.


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