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Saranda Yachting - Sarandë / Albania

About Us

Yachting Saranda is the first luxury and charter yacht company in Albania, which made the country the third one in Balkan to start this kind of tourism, based in the small touristic city of Saranda, 1h distance from Corfu. We are also the initiators of a social project in Saranda, first Sailing Club in Albania.

Why Albania? After 22 years of experience in tourism, from Turkey, Greek, İtaly, Maldives to Egypt, Africa, ect we choose ALBANİA, as our final destination to give our guest the chance to visit marvelous undiscovered beauty, virgin solitary bays, by being attended with the maximal safety, comfortability and luxury services in a country full of challenges, adventures and wild nature. This, for luckily being the first company at such a strategic point of sea tourism, including Ionion and Adriatik seas.

Although Albania is the most important point in our yachting agenda and the most recommanded from us, it is not the only one. One phone call away Yachting Saranda becomes Yachting Greece, Yachting İtaly, Turkey, Yachting İonion and Yachting your-own organised-trip for unbeatable prices for its luxury.

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